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The woman definitely should see a gynaecologist to figure out what is the cause of pain.

In this case, it would be desirable to visit a clinic where a doctor or nurse can help you diagnose the cause of the problem and is facing tailor a solution.

In this case most certainly would see your treating physician.

The new mother will certainly contact the treating paediatrician to arrange a meeting and discuss in depth all the issues of concern related to child care. Paediatrics on the return home from the hospital, can also be the mother of the child is still in maternity house in order ahead of time apply for paediatrician visits and arrange a meeting date and time.

The second step, which should be done – if the new mother is a patient of our clinic, the clinic should inform our employees about the baby came into the world. It would be advisable to do so that our doctors should be aware of new mothers and child’s health condition.

Yes, because the pictures and videos of their patients, we are issuing a digital format – insert discs (CD) or a USB memory stick (using Flash). (Video and photo files are jpg and .mpg4 formats.)

It would be desirable if the woman would come with their spouses – at least on the first visit to pronounce it all together and find out the answers to the questions and find out what the procedure will be carried out in order to be successful in a couple having a baby.

First, each of our visitor receives a personalized treatment from our doctors. Second, we employ experienced, empathetic and highly skilled professionals. Third, the clinic use a very modern diagnostic equipment.

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