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Annual gynecologist examinations are very important to keep a woman’s reproductive system’s health – there are a number of gynecological diseases, which do not have any symptoms
Infertility treatment
There are various factors that cause pregnancy not occurring and not all of these factors we can fit underneath the word “infertility”
Baby care
Mūsu klīnikā ir četri pediatri, kas sniedz konsultācijas pēc dzemdību periodā, kā arī pēc nepieciešamības apmeklē bērniņu un viņa vecākus mājās.
Mom’s school
We offer individual consultations, providing answers to questions for any pregnant woman during pregnancy.
Ultrasonography is the most accessible and friendly mode of investigation methods, that helps for a very short period of time, to obtain information in order to determine pain, infertility, causes of discomfort in the body.
Specialist consultation
We offer a variety of counsellers specialists for women, so your daily routine would be less of unanswered questions.
Cervical treatment
To solve these problems successfully it is important to notice them at an early stage, when the treatment is simpler, faster and more successful.
STD Treatment
Our clinic performs STD diagnosis and treatment. Investigation and treatment in complete confidence using the most modern methods of diagnostics and effective treatment techniques.
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